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6 easy plants you can find for your rabbit in April

Weeds are the healthiest snack you can give your rabbit

Here are 6 delicious plants growing in nature right now

Right now, in early April, spring plants may not look like much. But if you take a closer look, there are already many lovely little fresh green weeds you can pick for your rabbit.

Rabbits are still deeply connected to their instincts and nature. Therefore, it is also super healthy to pick the fresh green spring plants. The plants right now are bursting with nutrients and vitamins that are different than they are later in the year. Your rabbit benefits from getting fresh greens from nature, where it can taste and be filled with seasonal nutrients.

6 healthy fresh new spring plants for your rabbit

Small fresh ground elder leaves grow everywhere

New fresh dandelion leaves

Small green cow parsley leaves

If you are lucky you can find violets

Small strawberry leaves

Common chickweed

Make your rabbit happy every day with lovely green plants.

Here are three plants that you scould NEVER give your rabbit. They are toxic!!

Never give your rabbit snowdrops 🙁

herb poisonous snowdrops

Never give your rabbit erantis 🙁

With a round skirt like leaf

herb toxic erantis

Never give your rabbit daffodils 🙁

herb toxic daffodils

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